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If you have any News or Events you want to share please reply to this post with details and contact information. I will moderate it post it here and broadcast it if suitable.


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  1. Hi 2MNO,
    The ACT Deafness Resource Centre is a not for profit organisation that helps people that have a hearing loss, are deaf or have a chronic condition of the ear.

    Each year during Hearing Awareness Week (21-27 August 2016) the Deafness Resource Centre holds a Hearing Awareness Expo. This year it is being held on August 24th and will be at the Hellenic Club in Woden from 10am -3pm.
    This event is held to provide information for the deaf and hearing impaired community here in the ACT and surrounding regions. There will be a number of hearing technology providers, audiologists and other community organisations on display, as well as guest speakers throughout the day.
    Cost is free.
    It would be great if the station is able to let your listeners know about the Expo.

    Thank you, much appreciated, Glenn

  2. Hi there

    We’re Rock Monster from Melbourne, an all original, female fronted, 5 piece rock band.

    We have our debut album Humble Earth out now and available to AMRAP members on the AirIt program (3 tracks) or the full album via their CD mail out program.

    The album has 13 tracks, a full hour of Aussie rock, pop, and heavy-rock vibes.

    We feel our music might appeal more to over 25’s and those who grew up with, or identify with, the energetic rock of the 70’s thru to now. So we might suit any of your shows that play Australian or new rock.

    We’re keen for you to give us a go, either these 3 tracks, or something else from the album

    Track: One Of Us

    Track: Hanging On

    Track: Rock Monster

    Also if you’re interested in an interview, please let us know

    Our band members were born in, or have lived, worked & played music in Perth, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, and of course – Melbourne.

    And our website below has links to lots of ways for people to get our music – CD, download, stream

    Rock Monster Melbourne

  3. Hi Monaro FM.

    I have recently released my new single ‘Float’ from forthcoming album ‘Portico’. I would love to be considered for some airplay on one of your shows. Im also available for interviews, live performances etc. Please see info below for 3 free tracks. Thank you! 🙂

    I have 3 free tracks available for download or via CD order thanks to AMRAP’s ‘Airit’! Please click the links below to be redirected to my music for use on your station.

    (Full album ‘Portico’ due to be released early September). I’m more than happy to undertake any interviews, questionnaires or live performances.

    Please reply to this email or contact 0411 311 000.

    Thank you for considering my music. Have a great week.

    Artist: Mick Danby

    Track: Float

    Track: Trilby

    Track: I Can Tell You This

  4. Hi,

    Keith Mullins and I wrote a song called Just Another Day that’s for everyday working people. I’m not sure what the process is to see if you might be interested in playing it on your station, so I apologize if this isn’t how to approach it. This is the first time I’ve co-written a song, so everything is new to me.

    The video is on YouTube at It is also available as a free download on Keith Mullins’s website at Both are studio MP3 versions.

    I completely understand if your station isn’t interested. I just wanted to give it a try because your station seemed like a good fit if the song was going to be played on the radio. I’m sending it to you because co-writing my first song drove home an important lesson: I’ll never know until I try.

    Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

    Randy Jones

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